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XK Unlimited is a great example of a business very involved in assisting in MS research

'Bad Cholesterol' Levels Linked to Multiple Sclerosis Progression

Researchers in Australia aren’t just chewing the fat when they say that improving your cholesterol through diet, exercise, and weight loss could slow MS disease progression.
It turns out that high cholesterol could be at least partially to blame for more than just heart disease and stroke. In a recent study, researchers in Australia discovered that “bad fats” can hasten disease progression in people with multiple sclerosis (MS).
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MS is thought to be an autoimmune disease that affects the central nervous system (CNS).
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    World Finals at Bonneville cancelled for 2013

    I just received word from the Sothern California Timing Association that the World Finals that we were slated to run in had been cancelled for 2013. It seems that there is standing water on the salt and with another rain happening latter this week and with cooler temperatures the water is not going anywhere.
    To say that this was very disappointing news would be an understatement. About everything that could go wrong has gone wrong. Now don’t get me wrong after years of racing I am used to the most thought out plans not coming to a happy ending. I big part of racing is learning how to roll with issues that arise. So with that in mind the Team MS bike will be going to bike shows and vintage bike shows to help our supporters with a little exposure. Look out 2014; we will be making some noise.
    Thanks to all our supporters and sponsors. We are very grateful.
    Jim Haraughty
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